Sunday, December 4, 2011

Nearing Christmas!

So, I guess I've never been one to get overly excited about Christmas, but I don't know if was the excitement of actually getting to go out by myself for the first time ever on a Black Friday, or Wally's never ending slough of Christmas carols (as Christmas is by FAR his Favorite holiday!) or the two year old running around the house with our Christmas stockings on her feet and santa hat on her head;  but I'm actually really excited this year!

Today I made about 50 chocolate chip cookies... (mmm that was the count after I finished chowing down) and Kylie only cried to get up once! Talk about an accomplishment.  The tree is up, besides a few ornaments that keep ending up on the floor per little monkey butt!!  The house is all decorated.  The only things I need to do yet are finish wrapping presents, get our Christmas cards out... and find a good safe place for baby Jesus and his parents.  The reality of the responsibility that God has given us to our children is becoming more and more apparent each day.  Because as excited as I am to give Kiarra her gifts, how will I ever become the parent I WANT to be, the wife I'm SUPPOSED to be, in order to teach her not only in words but show her the example of the gift God has given us.  That's heavy stuff.  God has given us a few very special friends to model this for us and show us, as difficult as it can get at times, Gods grace lets us be the parents he intended us to be, and children can grow up in a Godly home and model His love! *sigh* it's just a learning process!

On a lighter note - we also got our family pictures back from Em. She did a FANTABULOUS job. Yes, I just made up a word. But they were THAT good! :) Thanks Em!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Pie Anyone?!

There have been some long days lately with Kylie teething! Kiarra sadly, kind of loses out, as when Kylie is so clingy and cries all the time, I'm almost always holding her and not spending time with Kiarra. On a good note though, Dora and Diego are helping her reinforce the spanish I'm trying to teach her! So the other night, instead of going to bed at 7, Kiarra got to 'help' mommy make her first pumpkin pies! She actually did better than I thought, and took her own piece of dough to flatten... which we made into a pumpkin to put on top of the pie :) After all was said and done, the next morning we got to enjoy the pie... she likes them as much as mommy.... uhoh!


Friday, October 14, 2011


Today was definitely just that! After naps, Auntie Jiji (Jamie), Jess, Maliya, Kylie, Kiarra and I braved Altenbergs! It actually wasn't that bad, especially after we got into the hay fort! I'm sure glad parents are allowed to act like kids when they have them! We tried the little kid corn maze, which was pretty much all knocked down already .... but I REEEALLLY wanted to try the adult corn maze!! Alas, Kylie was not dressed well enough to brave the stalks! I actually heard on the news this morning about this couple that called 911 at midnight last night, because they were stuck in a cornmaze and everyone had gone home. They had a three month old baby.... I'm thinkin they MUST have been city folk... cause really... stop following the 'trails' and cut through the corn! Eventually... you'll get the end of the field - right?! You had to laugh though! All in all, it was fun. Kiarra and mommy picked pumpkins, and daddy has to go pick his own! Kylie just had fun sucking on them! Thanks Jamie and Jess for a fun evening!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Rainy Days

  It's a rainy October day and we just got internet, so I'm trying to get some things organized to sell puppies, which of course, isn't going very well! I've lived with Wally too long and have  a little ADD! That and two kids creating distractions :) ...  They both slept awesome today though, which gave me a little time to do some laundry and spend some time praying and journaling.  I'm just trying out this blogging thing as I follow two of them quite frequently.  I think it's a pretty cool way to keep up with friends and relatives as your family grows and learns different things. Hopefully a little more in depth and personal than what facebook accomplishes.